Album Preview: Music from the Mannheim School: Beck & Traetta

The Mannheim Crescendo

Little sneak peak from an upcoming album release featuring this 1762 symphony by Mannheim composer Franz Ignaz Beck – which prominently features the famous, thunderous “Mannheim Crescendo.”

Introduction to our Premiere of J.C. Bach’s Carattaco

Mozart – Idomeneo – “D’Oreste, d’Aiace” with Natalia Pérez (live)

Mozart – Concerto for Forte-piano in C minor K. 491 Live Excerpts

Hofkapelle Elbe-Elster Video

C.H. Graun – Aria: “Mi paventi il figlio indegno” from Brittanico


J.C. Bach – “Vanne, superbo audace” from Carattaco

Mozart – “in uomini in soldati” from Cosi fan Tutte (excerpt)

J.C. Bach: Recit. and Aria “Della Patria lo scempio” – “Ah mi sento già stridere d’intorno” from Carattaco

Bellini – “Dopo l’oscuro nembo” – Adelson e Salvini (live excerpt)

V. Bellini – “Ah Non Credea Mirarti” from La Sonnambula

J.C. Bach – “Infelice! In van m’affanno” from La Clemenza di Scipione (excerpt)

C.H. Graun – “Mi paventi il figlio indegno” from Brittanico (excerpt)

Excerpt: 17 December 2017 Akademiekonzerte with the Chamber Soloists

Excerpts: Recording of The Storm by Kapellmeister Anders Muskens

Concert: 19 February 2017