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After Baroque: Utrecht Early Music Festival Fringe

28/08/2018 @ 11:00 - 12:00


Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester is proud to present a concert at the Utrecht Early Music Festival Fringe! Stay tuned for further details about the venue!

Join DNMO for a concert of post-Baroque music from between 1730-1780 by composers from Mannheim, Dresden, London, and Berlin including instrumental and operatic music by neglected masters Johann Adolf Hasse, Carl Heinrich Graun, Carl Stamitz, Johann Christian Bach, and new “18th century” music from the DNMO kapellmeister Anders Muskens. 

Free admission, but please collect your free tickets at the Festival Centre TivoliVredenburg from 9.00 on the day of the concert.


Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783) – Overture from La Didone Abbandonata (Dresden, 1742)

I. Allegrissimo
II. Alla Polacca
III. Presto

Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783) – Aria “Non ha ragione, ingrato!” from La Didone Abbandonata (Dresden, 1742)

Sang by Fee Suzanne de Ruiter (soprano)


Non ha ragione, ingrato,
un core abbandonato
da chi giuro gli fé?
Anime innamorate,
se la provaste mai,
ditelo voi per me!
Perfido! tu lo sai
se in premio un tradimento
io meritai da te.
E qual sarà tormento,
anime innamorate,
se questo mio non è?

DIDO (Translation)

You are mistaken, ingrate,
an abandoned heart
to whom will I swear loyalty?
In love spirits,
if you ever experienced it,
say it for me!
Perfidious! you know
if in reward a betrayal
I deserved you.
And which shall be torment,
in love spirits
if this is not mine?

Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783) – Aria “Non vi dolga” from Asteria (Dresden, 1737) 

Sang by Heleen Bongenaar (soprano)


Non vi dolga, o piaggie amene,
Non da voi non parte Amor,
Ch’ei negli occhi del mio bene,
Ch’ei chi resta nel mio cor:
Così il Sole in suo passaggio
Lungo raggio
Dietro lascia di splendor.

ASTERIA (Translation)

Do not suffer, oh pleasant cheats
From you does not Love come,
In the eyes of my dear,
Who remains in my heart:
So the sun in its passing long ray
leaves a splendor behind.

Carl Heinrich Graun (1704-1759) – Aria “Mi paventi il figlio indegno” from Brittanico (Berlin, 1751)

Sung by May Kristin Svanholm Hegvold (soprano)


Mi Paventi il figlio indegno
o l’atroce mi disdegno
si prepari ad incontrar.
Sono madre, e madre augusta,
ma del figlio l’alma ingiusta
me dal trono vuol scacciar.

AGRIPPINA (Translation)

Let my unworthy son fear me,
or prepare to face
my dreadful scorn.
I am a mother, and a noble mother,
but my son, with this unjust soul
wants to chase me away from my throne.

Anders Muskens (1993-) – Recitative and Aria “To Scorn my flame!” – “O! Heaven, I faint!” from Dido (The Hague, 2018)

Sang by Tinka Pypker (soprano)
Libretto: Dido by Pietro Metastasio, translated to English by John Hoole (1767) 


To scorn my flame! deny me every hope,
This may be constancy for thee to boast;
But if thou canst forbid a gentle heart
To ease her torments with complaining love,
Ah! call not then such constancy thy virtue:
He knows no virtue who has lost compassion.


O! Heaven, I faint, I die with love,
Yet nothing can my tyrant move,
Forbid in welcome death to prove
This wretch’s last relief.

Ah! Wherefore, cruel man! deny
To hear my plaints, and ere I die
To yield at least one tender sigh
In pity to my grief. [Exit]

Carl Stamitz (1745-1801) – Keyboard Concerto in D (Mannheim, 1770)

Soloist: Anders Muskens (harpsichord)

I. Allegro

Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782) – Recitative and Aria “Della Patria lo scempio” – “Ah mi sento già stridere d’intorno” from Carattaco (London, 1767)

Sang by Jole de Baerdemaeker (soprano)



Della Pa-tria lo scem-pio,
l’altrui disprezzo,
il lutto d’un capriccioso amorè solo il frutto.
Carattaco adorai!
GliIaffetti miei,
ingr-to Rigettò.
Cassibelane, n’ebbe la destra e il cor.
Quindi gelosa, volli vendetta.
Or me neIaccorgo, errai.
L’orror della Britannia io diventai.
Dal mio delitto, mi sento lacerar.
Ahi me!
M’opprime, l’ultrice man de’ fommi Numi!
E’ giunto per me l’ultimo giorno!
Il fulmine del Ciel, mi stride, d’intorno.


Ah mi sento già stridere d’intorno.
Fiamma ultrice cheIil fulmine accende,
cheIil fulmine accende.
Atro nembo m’intorbida il giorno.

Io mi sento già stridere intorno.
ah, sugliIocchi mi striscia il balen,

Già mi lacera un vano rimorso,
che d’opprimermi invano pretende.
Ah, non chiedo, nè spero soccorso,
dalle furie che porto nel sen.

CARTISMANDUA (translation)


The calamity of my country, the contempt of others,
My own remorse and lamentation,
Are the only fruits of my capricious passion.
I adored Caratacus: he ungraciously rejected my affections:
Casablene had his heart and hand; hence, through jealousy
I sought revenge; I now perceive my error, I am become
The horror of my country; let my example alone be sufficient
To terrify every other woman; my sober reasonings are now ineffectual,
And repentance is too late. 


I feel the avenging flames which lightens the thunderbolt hissing around me,
A dark cloud overshadows my day; the lightning glides under my eyes;
Vain remorse now tears me, which vehemently pretends to overpower me. 
Ah, I do not ask nor hope for assistance from the furies which I carry in my bosom. 

Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782) – Aria “Vanne, superbo audace” from Carattaco (London, 1767)

Sang by Heleen Bongenaar (soprano)

Vanne! Superbo audace,
Vanne la guerra avrai;
La ricusata pace,
Cara ti costerà.

But if friendship displeases you, depart,
You shall have war:
This refusal of peace
Shall cost you dearly.


Anders Muskens – Kapellmeister
Beniamino Paganini – Vice-kapellmeister


Tinka Pypker – soprano
Jole De Baerdemaeker – soprano
May Kristin Svanholm Hegvold – soprano
Heleen Bongenaar – soprano
Fee Suzanne de Ruiter – soprano


Takuto Takegishi – Concertmaster (violin)
Lena Rademann – Violin
Yumina Ishii – Violin
Francine Maas – Violin
Clara Sawada – violin
Weronika Zimnoch – Violin
Alaia Ferran – viola
Isabel Franenberg – viola
Evan Buttar – cello
Amandine Menuge – cello
Eva Euwe – bass
Takumi Hiratsuka – bass
Florencia Gómez – traverso
Tiziano Teodori – traverso
Federico Forla – oboe
Antoine Metivier – oboe
Sandra Pérez Romero – chalumeau
Jeong-guk Lee – bassoon
Gerard Serrano Garcia – horn
Jairo Gimeno Veses – horn
Punto Bawono – lute, theorbo


Geertekerkhof 23
Utrecht, 3511 XC Netherlands
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