Educational Outreach

Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester is proud to present several educational programs. 

Meet the Graces!

A musical performance for ages 7 – 12

Based in the opera ‘La gara delle grazie’ by composer Gian Francesco Maio, this interactive performance aimed for children between 7 and 12 years old is a travel in time to the musical theater life in the second half of the Eighteenth Century.

In Majo’s opera each of the three graces of Greek antiquity present their gifts to a new born girl. Members of Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester play and sing fragments of  the opera on historical instruments.

Wearing historical costumes, one of the graces will answer questions of the attendants to bring them in touch with the mythological world graces belong to.

What gift would you ask a Grace to grant you given the chance? Wisdom? Magic powers?

Get ready to dance and sing! And bring your instrument to play along!

Duration 40’

The Mannheim Rocket

A musical workshop for ages 8 – 12

Can you play an instrument? Would you like to try one sitting already within an orchestra? Would you like to hear how your instrument’s grandfather sounded like? How about playing in an orchestra of historical instruments?

The Mannheim orchestra was renowned for it’s team spirit: they could perform in a unique way because they would work together on their musical ideas. And this would make them famous for ages to come.

In this workshop DNMO instrumentalists will invite young musicians to get familiar with some of the Mannheim school’s hallmarks: the orchestral crescendo, the ‘Mannheim rocket’, and other dynamic and compositional features. A final performance will be offered to parents.

How soft and how loud can we be together?

Will you take part as the Mannheim rocket takes off?

Duration 1h30’

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