NEW ALBUM in 2022: Vogler à la chambre de Marie-Antoinette

COMING IN 2022: A new album featuring a musical profile of one of Mozart’s rivals, Georg Vogler.
Anders Muskens: fortepiano solo and kapellmeister
Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester
The funding for this project was provided by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and the Adriana Jacoba Fonds (NL).
The concept is centered around Georg Joseph Vogler (1749-1814) and the music he presented to Marie-Antoinette, the Queen of France, in private concerts during 1781 at Versailles, and other music for court chambers. As a notable member of “Die Mannheimer Schule,” Vogler (who was kapellmeister in Mannheim from 1775-80) was an extremely innovative composer, music theorist, important teacher, and famous performer on the keyboard (organ, harpsichord, fortepiano, clavichord) in his day. He allegedly had a rivalry with Mozart, and Mozart’s disdain for him and monumental fame today posthumously ruined Vogler’s reputation, so interest in Vogler’s music today is extremely limited. Thus, none of this music has ever been recorded. However, this music is worthy of revival, and this project will give audiences everywhere an opportunity to re-experience this forgotten music.
The project will be also supported by musicologist Dr. Rüdiger Thomsen-Fürst from the »Forschungszentrum Hof | Musik | Stadt.«

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