Army of Generals Vol. I finally arrives – with a podcast!

At long last, our album Army of Generals: The World of the Mannheim Court Orchestra, from 1742-78 Volume I is finally available to purchase from our website and from Etcetera Records. It features a profile of music from the world of the legendary Mannheim Court Orchestra of the 18th century. The namesake of this anthology “Army of Generals” comes from a quote by English musicologist Charles Burney, who visited Mannheim in 1772 and wrote: “There are more solo players and good composers in this, than perhaps in any other orchestra in Europe; it is an army of generals, equally fit to plan a battle, as to fight it.”

Join us on 27 December 2020 for an online livestream podcast where we (the team of musicians behind DNMO) will host an interactive session where we introduce and discuss the music & concepts behind our newest album release. You can access the livestream via our YouTube channel.




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