Album, “Army of Generals Vol. I” Available to Pre-order!

Our latest album, “Army of Generals: The World of the Mannheim Court Orchestra, from 1742-78 Volume I” is now available to pre-order. We expect the physical copies to be made available through Etcetera Records by Christmas 2020, and we will ship worldwide from Europe. 

The album features works by Mozart, J.C. Bach, Beck, C. Stamitz, and Jommelli that are associated with the famous Mannheim Court Orchestra. 

Under the reign and patronage of Elector Carl Theodor during 1743-78, the court orchestra of Mannheim became the leading centre of musical life in Europe. Not only were its performances of the music of the finest composers of the day considered first rate, but also were its own school of composers, virtuoso players, and innovative style. This school had a profound influence on later composers like Mozart and Haydn, and Mozart notably sought employment there, albeit unsuccessfully.

Although this music was extremely popular and influential in its time, it is largely forgotten today, so the release of this anthology of recordings brings new light to this otherwise obscure and underrated repertoire. The namesake of this anthology “Army of Generals” comes from a quote by English musicologist Charles Burney, who visited Mannheim in 1772 and wrote: “There are more solo players and good composers in this, than perhaps in any other orchestra in Europe; it is an army of generals, equally fit to plan a battle, as to fight it.”

You can pre-order now by checking out the album page on our site

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