Excerpts from The Storm, a new cantata from 2017

We are proud to make available some excerpts from our live-session recording The Storm (2017) a cantata in Classical style by the DNMO kapellmeister Anders Muskens. The text of the cantata is based on Pietro Metastasio;s La Tempesta, but  translated into English by John Hoole in 1767. It consists of recitative and 3 arias, and is scored for soprano, viola da gamba obligato, flute, oboes, bassoon, horns, strings, and basso continuo. The original Mannheim orchestra was comprised of performers who were also prominent composers, leading Charles Burney to remark it was “an army of generals, equally competent to plan a campaign and to fight it.” We hope to hold true to this spirit by presenting all new works for period instruments in the galante and Classical language. 

The video features a small contingent of Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester under the direction of Anders Muskens, fortepiano

Soprano: Jole de Baerdemaeker

Viola da gamba: Anna Lachegyi

Concertmaster: Anna Jane Lester


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