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Please check out our crowdfunding campaign hosted on Voor de Kunst to learn how to help us make our 2017-18 concert series even greater!

This year, we have an interesting concert series in the works entitled “The Rise of Classicism.” We want to explore the rise of the Classical style between 1730-1800 which culminated in composers such as Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven, but through the lens of more obscure composers who, while highly regarded in their times, are mostly forgotten today.

This includes famous German opera composers in Dresden and Berlin (Hasse, C.H. Graun), composers associated with the Mannheim Court Orchestra (The Stamitz family, Christian Cannabich, Johann Baptist Wendling, Ignaz Holzbauer), and Johann Christian Bach, the youngest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, who had a successful career in London.

Although not performed much today, this music is interesting, vibrant, and extremely enjoyable! For this reason, we think it deserves revival.

We need some assistance helping to make our concerts a reality. Already, we have confirmed concert dates in the Hague (beginning in November 2017), but additional funds could help us plan more concerts in other venues and other cities. As well, it would help us cover our production costs, which include venue rental, instrument transport, travel costs, and compensation of musicians.

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