New campaign: Revive an opera by Johann Christian Bach

Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782), the youngest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, is one of the most underappreciated composers of the Classical era. Among those who looked up to him with great respect include Mozart and Haydn. The bulk of his career was spent in London, which gave him the nickname “the English Bach.” He wrote many operas of fantastic quality, many of which have never been revived in modern times. The aim of this project is to give Johann Christian the attention he deserves, bringing his wonderful music to a new generation of listeners, and produce one of his operas in the Netherlands.

Through this crowdfunding campaign, we hope that the music of Johann Christian can be appreciated by new ears. We are grateful for all donations, and we would be glad to release a recording of the project to the public for those who cannot attend in person! The opera which we would revive is “Carrattaco ” from 1767. It is based on English history, namely the resistance of Roman occupation in England in the first century A.D.

The money collected for this project will be used to cover the costs of producing an opera. This will include artist fees to musicians, production costs of sets and costumes, and venue rental. My vision is to produce the opera with historically informed staging, acting, and music to transport us back into the world of the 18th century.

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